Posted on Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Simple Plan performing Summer Paradise Acoustic Live!! & Jen, I think Seb is wearing your favourite look ;) 

oh. my. god. best scenes at 1:47-1:52 and 9:53-10:06.. he’s so freaking cayoot!!! <3 the glasses look so good on him. But these outfits are just close runner ups to my #1 favourite look: the birthday suit. lul ;) 

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all the time.. =.=

all the time.. =.=

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omfg. don’t whimper to me about your stupid fucking money issues and then only wear expensive brand name clothes… ughh seriously: grow up, get a job, stop taking all your parents’ money

k, rant over. time to fantasize about seb. <3

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omg his blue eyes and his liddo glasses omg

sebbbb <3333

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Anonymous said: Hey, so do you know who Laurence is? Is it Sebs Girlfriend?

Laurence is a troll. Seb is single in my world, at least. lull ;)


Leighton Meester &amp; Jessica Szohr


Leighton Meester & Jessica Szohr

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Jessica Szohr

So hott omg. She is my new Blake Lively.