You leave when you have something to smile about…

The storm started and all I wanted to do was get out of my house - so I did. I had no idea where to go, so I just drove. Funny seeing all these cars rushing to get back to the safety of their homes, and for some reason, all I wanted to do was head out into the most prominent part of the storm. It was scary at times, I admit, feeling the control of my car succumbing to the vast flooding on the streets - hydroplaning - and feeling so submissive to the forces of nature. I found myself searching for a dark parking lot, where I sit and lay, watching the incredible storm: the wind threatening the trees around me as its wrath subtly sways my car from side to side; the smell - intoxicating; the continuous shower of rain enveloping my car; the vibration of the car from the intensity of the thunder - overwhelming; and the lightning that pans across the entire night sky - breathtaking. 

As I lay in my car thinking about everything that life has in store for me, I can be thankful again. The city still seems so foreign to me, and all these little human worries have been nagging at me. My phone is nearly dead, and for a second, I begin to panic. It’s crazy the effect that technology has on us nowadays.. 

Sitting here watching the rain droplets pound on the sunroof is the only thing I want to think about, it’s therapeutic in such an incredible way. So here I am, clearing my mind - watching these things that are huge and unpredictable - something so much bigger than all the problems in our selfish lives. So I wait.. until things are clear again, and I can find my way home.