I don’t care about the fortune and the fame

+ $20 lottomax

+ $50 Telus rebate

+ 5 free Cineplex movies

+ iPhone 5 (after 36 hours =.=) 

+ First new phone in ~5 years



Took an hour to get what I wanted, but I got it. But I was thinking, as I was talking to them, there were so many ways that the tone of the conversation could have went - anything from swearing and yelling to subtly hinting at what you want, but not actually asking. The service industry gets bashed by customers all the time because of people that think that if they’re rude, they will get what they want. People need to figure out that you aren’t getting what you want because you’re rude, it’s because you brought the situation into view and confronted someone about what you would like to happen. There is a difference, you need to find the line between being assertive and being rude. There’s no need to swear or yell at someone to get your point across, you just need to be clear with what you’re frustrated about and what you would like to do about it. Don’t get mad at employees for doing their job. 

Just saying.